Friday, January 26, 2007

Machinations in Iraq...

The Los Angeles Times:
BAGHDAD — Muqtada Sadr, the radical anti-American cleric, has backed away from confrontation with U.S. and Iraqi forces in recent weeks, a move that has surprised U.S. officials who long have characterized his followers as among the greatest threats to Iraq's security.

Thursday, a leader of the Sadr movement in one of its Baghdad strongholds publicly endorsed President Bush's new Iraq security plan, which at least some U.S. officials have touted as a way to combat Sadr's group.

"We will fully cooperate with the government to make the plan successful," said Abdul-Hussein Kaabai, head of the local council in the Shiite Muslim-dominated Sadr City neighborhood. "If it is an Iraqi plan done by the government, we will cooperate."
The Washington Post:
The leader of a powerful Sunni bloc, Abdul Nasir al-Janabi, provoked Mr. Maliki, saying over jeers from Shiite politicians, “We cannot trust the office of the prime minister.”

His microphone was quickly shut off, and Mr. Maliki lashed into him, essentially accusing him of being one of the outlaws he had just said would not be granted sanctuary.

“I will show you,” Mr. Maliki said, waving his finger in the air. “I will turn over the documents we have,” implying that the legislator was guilty of crimes.
The Washington Post reports that Bush has changed from "catch and release" concerning Iranian operatives in Iraq to "capture or kill".

This one paragraph struck me, the Washington Post:
For more than two weeks last fall, Abbas, his sister and his mother were treated to free hotels, trips to the zoo and religious shrines, and his mother's $1,300 eye surgery at a hospital in Tehran, all courtesy of the offices of Moqtada al-Sadr, Iraq's ascendant Shiite Muslim cleric. Abbas returned to Najaf glowing over the technical prowess of Iran.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi CE,

”The Washington Post reports that Bush has changed from "catch and release" [???] concerning Iranian operatives in Iraq to "capture or kill".”

I’m afraid it’s too little too late…

Plus, as long as Iran is overtly allied with Israel in Kirkuk and throughout Kurdistan (where I’m told there are numerous Persian-Judean joint-ventures engaging in lucrative construction works and other import-export operations), and Baghdad- where leading Persian stooges such as Ayatollah Al-Hakim, Ahmad Chalabi and Co. are still feted as “freedom fighters” by Cheney, Hadley and other Neocon traitors, it will be hard to believe that the Bush regime and Eyerann are really “enemies”.

I mean with faux foes like this, why would Persia need friends?

4:38 PM  

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