Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Evening round up 7/13/2005

Gitmo in the Senate. Lots of military produced facts here. McCain referenced the need to follow our treaty obligations, no matter how horrible the prisoners are. He was a POW in Vietnam, and his word is Gospel in this matter, IMHO. recap LINK.

David Gregory, who earned a degree in the culinary art of grilling a press secretary, recaps Rove after an important cabinet meeting today. Bush is playing this fairly well, at least today. He can't issue blanket support, so he won't. This may calm the noise down, or instigate a push to get Novak and Cooper's stories out in the open. Meanwhile, Judy Miller is still in jail... Gregory's piece: LINK.

Iranians taking a hard line stance on the nuclear question, assert right to nuclear technology. LINK.

Chicago Tribune reports that the Army is stretched thin and will soon face tough choices. Will Bush ever admit this? LINK.

BBC's story on a Bible theme park gaining charity status. LINK.


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