Tuesday, July 12, 2005

USA Today's recap of the Grilling of Scott McClellan, not quite lean meat. Interesting fact here: "Reporters at Monday's question-and-answer session at the White House peppered spokesman Scott McClellan with 41 questions in 35 minutes." The Democrats have begun their response. Who broke this story? Newsweek's Michael Isikoff. LINK.

The London Times' story on police raids in connection to the London Bombing. Five houses searched. LINK. The Guardian's story. LINK.

In a substantial blunder, Air Force personnel were ordered out of London. LINK. The Times' of London's story. LINK.

The unclear impact on Blair's standing, in the US Today. LINK.

Military quality explosives used in the blast. NY Times reports. LINK.

Beirut bomb targets pro-Syrian politician. LINK.

An interesting, though nonetheless still not transparent, account of Bashir al-Asaad, Syria's president. NY Times Sunday magazine LINK.

Iran and Iraq have inked a military deal, though they announce different terms. I have no idea why this is not getting more press attention. LINK.

Cell phone service disabled in NY subway, though Bloomberg is hesitant. LINK.

Srebrenica recounted yesterday, with the ceremonial re-burial of hundreds of innocent Muslim victims. The 1990s cowardly disengagement of major Western powers remains alive to this day. LINK.

A 'ruthless' cell linked to Al Qaeda is consolidating power in Somalia. LINK.

Promising peace talks continue in Aceh. LINK.

Security council reform has been proposed at the UN. LINK. Brazil's ambassador to the UN says power dynamics are not the same as they were in 1945.

Gasoline spikes about 6 cents overnight. I could have sworn it spiked near me yesterday, while the sun was up. LINK.

The Economist's recap of the G8: Good but not great. LINK.

Bobby Abreu sets HR derby record with 24. Abreu continues self-proclaimed season of Ubermench proportions. LINK. At the beginning of the season, Abreu set goals in RBIs, HRs, etc. to help raise his profile in the sport.


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