Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Morning copy 7/5/2005

It's the G8 and the Supreme Nine this week.


Bush tells Blair not to expect any special treatment, according to the Washington Post. LINK. The Guardian reported yesterday that the Bush administration was inching toward concessions, moderate concessions. LINK.

The Governator pens a piece on climate change, a 'stark' contrast from Bush's stance. LINK.

The Economist's take on the G8. LINK.

In the USA Today, an analysis of what these leaders can actually do. Eight not so popular guys sitting down to talk big. LINK.

Gordon Brown, Blair's right hand man, down plays the conference. LINK.

A good piece in the Times about the Congo. LINK. Something certainly must be done in Africa, but writing a blank check is not enough.

Zimbabwe in the Guardian. LINK.

An absolutely outstanding Live 8 review. LINK. Every paragraph is interesting, one of my favorites:

"Sometimes silly, as when Chris Martin called the event 'the greatest thing that’s ever been organised in the history of the world'.

"Which puts D-Day in its place."

Now THAT is wry British humor. Humour?

State Side

Church and state in the New York Times magazine. LINK

The Supreme Court. CNN's coverage. LINK. Alberto Gonzales makes a surprise visit to Iraq. I don't get this, but I don't like it. LINK.

The Atlantic's reporting of Gonzales' handling of clemency in Bush's governorship. In a word: Troubling. LINK.

The New Yorker's commentary on the high court. Sandra Day O'Connor cast as middle of the road-ish. LINK.

O'Connor's centrist bona fides are also the topic du jour in the USA Today. LINK. I can't believe I just wrote that sentence at 7:30 a.m.

Photos of dour conservatives and speculation! NY Times. LINK.


BP announces a stronger increase in production than most analysts expected. LINK.

The War(s)

Syria says that they are guarding the Iraqi border. I don't think a lot of US GIs would agree. LINK.

An alliance, spear-headed by China, calls for the US to set a time table for withdrawing from Afghanistan. LINK.

Military recruiter story du jour. Iraq is a tough sell, in case you didn't read any news paper in the past year. LINK.

Army's re-enlistment ahead of schedule. LINK.

Senior planners are reviewing the long standing strategy of fighting two conventional wars. LINK.

A few quick hits.

China and Congress. LINK.

Baseball and Steroids. LINK.

News and The CIA Leak. LINK.

Howard Dean profile. LINK.


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