Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Morning copy 7/13/2005

It's Wednesday the 13th!

Rove on page one

David Sanger in the NY Times explores Bush's trademark loyalty, and where it's limit may be. Sanger says Bush will, or may, back Rove up until serious legal charges. LINK.

Jim VandeHei of the Washington Post focuses on the "aggressive and coordinated defense of Karl Rove yesterday". "Smear" is the word of the day. "'The angry left is trying to smear' Rove, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, a Rove protege, said in an interview." LINK.

How much traction will that have?

John Wagner, also of the Post, has a local angle with Maryland. "Democrats called yesterday for Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele (R) to cancel a fundraiser this month featuring Karl Rove..." LINK.

The LA Times moves the story ahead by analyzing why Rove is such a lightening rod. His vast reach and maestro status, say Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten. LINK.

Shannon McCaffrey of the Philadelphia Inquirer asks what Rove knew and when. LINK.

The tone, in a cursory glance of front pages, is one of reflection and reaction, because nothing new is reportable at this time. At this time.

Matt Cooper of TIME magazine testifies to the grand jury today.

Rove in the Editorials

Rove is a prominent topic in many editorials today.

In the Boston Globe: IT'S TIME for President Bush to take Karl Rove to the woodshed and show him the ax. And if Bush doesn't get better answers than the public has, he should use the ax. LINK.


From the Philadelphia Inquirer: "Either presidential adviser Karl Rove wasn't telling the truth to President Bush about his role in revealing the identity of a CIA officer. Or Bush wasn't telling the truth to the public about Rove's involvement. Neither option is defensible." And "No matter how you define "involved," Rove was. But yesterday, McClellan said Rove still enjoys the President's confidence. 'They wouldn't be working here at the White House if they didn't have the President's confidence.'" LINK.

"The Rove camp's attempts to hide behind the fact that he didn't use Plame's name is a Clintonesque diversion from the whole truth," says the Detroit Free Press. LINK.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution: "That context is crucial in understanding what happened. Rove was apparently trying to undercut Wilson's credibility as an independent source by linking him through his wife to the CIA ... if that's the case, Rove may not have paid attention to whether Valerie Plame was undercover. That wasn't his concern.

"Legally, that might get Rove off. Politically, though, different considerations come into play. As a top White House official, Rove has the highest possible security clearance, and if he was careless enough to accidentally expose an undercover agent, which seems his best defense, he is also too careless to keep that clearance." LINK.

Mr. Rove, speak (publicly) says the NY Times page: "Mr. Rove could clear all this up quickly. All he has to do is call a press conference and tell everyone what conversations he had and with whom. While we like government officials who are willing to whisper vital information, we like even more government officials who tell the truth in public." LINK.

Slightly different tone from the Chicago Tribune. They say the White House is sweating, but that the best course of action is to wait and see how the grand jury turns out. LINK.

Where this all started, sorta'

Joseph Wilson's Op-Ed in the NY Times, harshly critical of the administration. LINK.

Other news

A substantial restructuring of the 180,000 (give or take) employee Homeland Security Department will be announced today. Analysts: this is major. LINK.

Early yesterday, before Rove's matter gained real momentum, Senators did ADVISE President Bush. LINK.

Reprimand originally sought of the Gitmo chief, but nixed somewhere up the chain. LINK.

10 Sunni Arab men died of suffocation under Iraqi police custody. LINK.

High gas prices likely to stay. LINK.

Australia to send 150 SOF (special forces) to Afghanistan. LINK.

It's nice to see Shakespeare front and center on the Guardian's website today. LINK.

Discovery launches today, weather permitting.

London bombings

London Times: Suicide bombers from Leeds likely were the terrorists. LINK.

British Home Secretary promises to rid Britain of 'preachers of hate.' LINK.

More leaks from No. 10, this time a dossier on British Al Qaeda recruits. LINK.

The hunt now shifts to who equipped that team of suicide bombers. LINK.

Blair and others warn against a backlash, stating most British Muslims are law abiding. The Guardian's report: LINK.


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