Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stupid intelligence

The administration's and the military's intelligence that Iran is behind attacks on Coalition military personnel is a little thin at this point. There are artillery shells in Iraq from South Africa. That does not mean that we're going to be at war with that country in the near future.

However, before the intelligence can even be granted a proper airing, it is already a political football punted back and forth in our misguided times.

The International Herald Tribune:
Representative Silvestre Reyes, Democrat of Texas and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, suggested that the White House was more interested in sending a message to Tehran than in backing up serious allegations with proof.
I wonder if Silvestre Reyes has "brushed up" on his sectarian history of Islam? Just a few months ago, he thought al Qaeda was a Shiite group.

Well, he said "Predominantly -- probably Shi'ite," to the Congressional Quarterly. Then he was given his new post on the Intelligence Committee.

I wrote in December that "Reyes has lost the political, moral and intellectual authority to conduct oversight in these matters."

Few in the Democratic caucus had a problem with him as a spokesman on these matters. I wonder if anyone on the right will point to his error when he continues to expel hot air?


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