Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Worth a read...

A Pakistani Muslim, who served in the British Army, explains why his brother -- who died in Afghanistan -- and he volunteered, the London Times.

Syed Saleem Shahzad of Asia Times Online believes that the Taliban seizure of Musa Qala was a strategic error and may degrade their upcoming Spring offensive, if NATO makes them pay for violating terms of a treaty.

Gunman disguised as Iraqi security forces seized an Iranian diplomat today, BBC. The United States asserts that an Iraqi lawmaker in Maliki's faction is an embassy bomber, CNN.

LT COL Jimmy Phillips, of the 2nd ID, states that if his troops can operate without attack on a road south of Baghdad for two weeks, he'll push for reconstruction aid, Stars and Stripes. So far there have not been any attacks in two days.

The Associated Press reports that the new Baghdad security plan is starting: a "major new" checkpoint at the city's northern gate, police deploying in the Sadr city slum, and Lieutenant General Abboud Gambar staffed at a new command center.


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