Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Democratic House, a Republican Senate

The House

MSNBC projects at least 230 Democratic members in the House of Representatives. CNN is much more cautious.

The Senate

Democrats would need to win three of these elections.

Montana: Jon Tester (D.) leads Conrad Burns by about 600 votes.

Missouri: Jim Talent (R.) has 424,076 votes to Claire McCaskill's 369,304 votes. Less than half of the precincts have reported at this point.

Virginia: George Allen looks like he is going to win this race over Jim Webb by 1,099,840 votes to 1,087,576. Andrew Sullivan has posted a blog entry that there will be a recount in that commonwealth.

Tennessee: Corker appears to have a comfortable enough lead over Ford: 51 percent to 48.


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Things, they are a'changing. Hang in there...

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