Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Senate races tipping right

The Democrats need to win three of these four races. It does not look good at this point for the left.

Missouri: Talent has 216,101 votes to McCaskill's 176,643, via the State of Missouri's election page. St. Louis has yet to report a vote.

Montana: The Secretary of State has yet to publish any results on the state's election page.

Virginia: George Allen leads Jim Webb with 1,063,772 votes to 1,045,345. 23,000 Virginians voted for the Independent/Green candidate. This race will likely be closer than even the numbers listed here. But, it does not look good for Webb at this point. Results from the exceptional state page.

Tennessee: (CNN) Corker leads Ford with 692,471 to 630,314 votes.


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