Monday, November 06, 2006

What Tuesday may bring

A post at the Atlantic Review has inspired me to add my response to this blog.

The commander in chief in 2007 will be the same commander in chief we have today. However, there are some potential changes from either a Democratic House or Senate.

1.) Testifying. There will be a lot of under-oath sessions in the Congress. This has been lacking under GOP leadership.

2.) Rumsfeld. George W. Bush may be the Decider, but he is decidedly prone to bucking his gut when there is a political firestorm. Case in point: Harriet Miers. Look for Don to be a major punching bag as 2008 approaches. He will eventually produce more drag than the mediocre Fighter pilot in chief can tolerate.

3.) Gridlock. There will be no partisan renaissance -- no era of good feelings. Politicians mirror the electorate, and the electorate is divisive. When America is prosperous and peaceful, consensus rules the day in the Congress and on Main Street. 2006, 2007 and 2008 do not appear to be years that match that description.

4.) Biden. Joe Biden is a foreign policy addict with clear ambitions for 2008. He's going to press hard, if he has a committee to do it. While I think his idea of partition is not sound, he will at least have a positive impact on the level of public discourse. We may see a smarter electorate for 2008, and that is a very good thing no matter which party wins.

5.) (Or Biden 2.0) We will see much more partisanship from the Senate than we will from the House -- it's a historical precedent and likely with the populations involved in each chamber. If the Democrats take the former, the political climate will be far more productive than if the Democrats can only see the latter.

(I may expand on this.)


Blogger Newsguy said...

I will never forgive Biden for going along with the republicans on their bankruptcy and credit card "reforms" that simply rewarded the greed of the corporations and punished poor and middle class Americans in tough times.

BTW, will someone please explain to me what a blogroll is? (I know, dumb question.)

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