Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Virginia extremely close

The Democrats would need to win three of the following seats to take control of the Senate: Virginia, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee.

George Allen has 969,161 votes compared to Jim Webb's 966,881.

There are several regions in Virginia that I am watching very closely.

Alexandria City: One of 27 precincts yet to report. Webb leads 28,986 to 11,284. Alexandria City produced 41,116 votes for Kerry/Edwards, and 19,844 for Bush/Cheney.

Arlington County: Six of 50 precincts yet to report. Webb leads 42,768 to 15,590. Arlington gave 63,987 votes to Kerry/Edwards of about 95,000 voters.

Fairfax County: 220 of 229 precincts have reported and Webb has 164,515 votes to Allen's 112,365. Fairfax produced 245,671 votes for Kerry/Edwards, out of a total of about 460,000.

Richmond City: 46 precincts out of 68 have reported with Webb leading 24,423 to 8,783. Richmond yielded 52,167 votes for Kerry/Edwards of over 74,000 voters.

2004 election results. 2006 real time results.


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