Wednesday, November 08, 2006

50/50 Senate?

Allen and Webb are very close in Virginia at this hour.

Virginia's State Board of Elections page has Allen at 1,141,753 votes and Webb with 1,139,885. CNN reports 1,143,144 votes for Webb to 1,140,879 for Allen. I am unable to account for these differences. However, MSNBC/NBC report numbers like CNN. This election will go through a recount funded by the commonwealth of Virginia.

Fairfax county is responsible for three of the approximately 20 precincts yet to report in the commonwealth's sourced website. That could tilt the numbers more to Webb, but won't affect the nature of the recount. This is a very close election.

There are three other Senate races that are close at this hour: Tennessee, Missouri and Montana. The first two appear to be heading toward a GOP victory. The last might go to the Democrats.


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