Friday, August 12, 2005

Morning copy 8/12/2005


Shiite leaders, including members of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, continue to push for a strong, autonomous state in the oil-rich, religious-rich south, al Jazeera LINK.

There is too much pressure, and insufficient representation, to finish the constitution by August 15, NY Times Op-Ed.

Bush continues his "stay the course" mantra. Bush said he sympathizes with anti-war movement; does not have a plan for troop withdrawal. NY Times LINK.

Troubling story from Peter Baker of the Washington Post, LINK. Excerpt:

If the public was left confused, it may be no more unsure than the administration itself, as some government officials involved in Iraq policy privately acknowledge.

The shifting scenarios reflect the uncertain nature of the mission and the ambiguity of what would constitute its successful completion. For all the clarity of Bush's vow to stay not one day longer than needed, the muddled reality is that no one can say exactly when that will be.

"I wanted to open the best Chinese restaurant ever in Iraq." - Chen Xianzhong. International Herald Tribune LINK.

War bloggers, Washington Post LINK.

Death toll in Iraq for reservists soars, AP/ LINK.


UN Agency asks Iran to hault uranium program, NY Times LINK.

Roberts nomination

The NY Times, LINK, lede does damage to any claim by NARAL, the pro-choice group, that they were not trying to link Roberts with violent Pro-Lifers:

WASHINGTON, Aug. 11 - Under pressure to withdraw an advertisement that describes Judge John G. Roberts Jr. as "one whose ideology leads him to excuse violence against other Americans," an abortion rights advocacy group announced Thursday night that it would replace the advertisement, which had drawn widespread criticism as being false and misleading.

The Washington Post Ed page calls this ad a "smear", LINK.

More Roberts files released, with the familiar phrase "judicial restraint". LA Times LINK.

GOP lobbyists

Jack Abramoff, with substantial links to Tom DeLay, indicted and charged on several counts of fraud, Washington Post LINK.

Pressure builds on other GOP lobbyists under investigation, Bloomberg News LINK.

Google search for Rayburn's Law.

Federal Election Committee faults organization linked to DeLay for accounting, Washington Post LINK.

Assorted links

Judith Miller shows no signs of buckling to reveal her source in the Plame investigation, NY Newsday LINK.

A tabloid company, working on a business deal with the Governator, paid for a confidentiality agreement to keep a woman silent who illegedly had an affair with Schwarzenegger, LA Times LINK.

New York City in a row over the low, low, low prices er... salaries for new recruits to NYPD: $25,000. NY Times LINK.

Seoul backs North Korea's right to non-weapons nuclear technology, completely different policy than Washington, Washington Times LINK.


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