Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Evening recap

One of the most important black media magnates died on Monday, and I neglected to cover it. Why? Because I was not aware of the man's import. After some tardy research, I have corrected that. My apologies to the world for my ignorance.

Publisher John Johnson published two important magazines, CNN.com LINK, and check out this excerpt:

Born into an impoverished family in Arkansas, Johnson went into business with a $500 loan secured by his mother's furniture and built a publishing and cosmetics empire.

If that is not America, or what it should be, I do not know what is.

In other news...

Published by the AP on July 28, this somehow floated onto the front page of MSNBC.com today. (???) Senator Biden is going to, or maybe, write a book.

If that is not the precursor to running for president, or maybe, this day in age, I do not know what is, or maybe. MSNBC.com LINK.


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