Monday, August 08, 2005

Evening recap

A few interesting stories, breaking late or just catching my eye.

First, some Caesar, as in the Tragedy of, by Paul Hackett, LINK, Excerpt:

Friends, Countrymen, Americans, I come not to mourn our loss but to celebrate our success, and to learn from our mistakes so that our losses will not be in vein.

Clearly a close paraphrase of the spirit and text of Marc Antony's funeral oration bodes but one message: Hackett wants to be back in the spotlight.

From Paul Hackett, which my sleepy brain almost typed as Packett, to Iraq and the USA Today's poll, LINK, Excerpt:

By Richard Benedetto, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — American attitudes toward the war in Iraq continue to sour in the wake of last week's surge in U.S. troop deaths, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll shows.

An unprecedented 57% majority say the war has made the United States more vulnerable to terrorism. The Bush administration has long argued that the key justification for invading Iraq was to make the United States safer from terrorist attacks. A new low, 34%, say the war has made the country safer.

Iran has restarted uranium production, al Jazeera LINK. Also from al Jazeera, US may block Iranian president's visit to UN, LINK.

Insurgency support from Iran, Syria? LINK.

Saudi King makes move toward reform, al Jazeera LINK.

The death of Jennings' means the end of the Big Three on network newscasts, Newsday LINK.

With this in mind, who will be America's anchor? Or is the very question flawed by the expansive Internet and cable options?

Oh if only...

Or just maybe...

If I were in charge, I'd make one of those network news casts an hour long, and really hit the news hard at the end of the day. There will be so much more news this year and the next, and on. But, I manage a two-bit blog.

And another great point from CNN's Jeff Greenfield: Will there be a big anchor, capable of telling the executives where stories NEED to go? The Big Three could do this, will the next generation get that clout?


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