Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Steven Vincent

Because I am callous...

A Google search for Steven Vincent will yield, front and center, the blog of Stephen Vincent. I have proof! Google. Stephen Vincent.

A delicious excerpt:

August 03, 2005
"Steven Vincent"
I was not killed in Iraq today! If you have come looking for "Steven Vincent" the journalist killed in Iraq, I am not he! I am "Stephen Vincent", the poet and writer. This is my blog, devoted to poetry,the arts and political commentary. Though "Steven Vincent's" politics on the war in Iraq compared to mine were at opposite ends of the spectrum, I am saddened by his death. He apparently died in Iraq while committed to exploring and writing in support of his convictions. No small measure.

It would have been nice if Mr. Vincent, the artist, did some due diligence and linked to Mr. Vincent, the martyr. So, I shall. Steven Vincent's blog: In the Red Zone.

Go, explore. And, a question: was this murder (assasination) a result of Vincent's work against the radicalization of Shi'ite Basra's public service organizatons?


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