Wednesday, August 03, 2005

From The Sunny Shores of Ignorance

Carrying on the proud tradition of Tennessee, Arkansas and Kansas, President Bush commented Monday, August 1 that Intelligent Design should be given equal weight with respect to the teaching of evolution. You can find the full article at the New York Times, LINK, and can enjoy the full stupidity of this delightful little comment.

Whether or not Intelligent Design is a valid concept is not what is at stake here. What matters is if the concept of it conforms to the scientific method. Science, by its nature, does not follow a creationist viewpoint, because the very nature of God (whether or not He/She/It exists) is untestable, and therefore not measurable by the scientific method. Keep your Intelligent Design to your comparative theology courses. Keep it out of the science class. John Scopes is slowly rolling in his grave.


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