Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Morning copy 7/19/2005

CIA Leak Case

Two paragraphs from today's Bloomberg News story that are interesting (LINK):

"By saying the conduct must be criminal, the president is significantly backtracking," said Stephen Gillers, a law professor at New York University. "This is especially so because the crime involved is so narrow."


According to an ABC News poll released yesterday, 75 percent of the 1,008 respondents questioned July 13-17 said Rove should be fired if he leaked classified information. In addition, only 25 percent of respondents said they believe the White House is fully cooperating in the investigation, down from 47 percent in September 2003, when the inquiry began.

The NY Times story on Bush's stance and the leak. LINK.

Washington Post's story, by Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen: "This is a small, but potentially very significant, distinction, because details that have emerged from the leak investigation over the past week show that Karl Rove, Bush's top political aide, and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, discussed Plame with reporters before her name was revealed to the public. It is unclear whether either man committed a crime, according to lawyers familiar with the case." LINK.

More WH Links

Bush says he has already met with some of the top contenders for the Supreme Court. Washington Times LINK.

The word "insist" and the words "long term solvency" remain Bush's apparent position on Social Security. Washington Post LINK.

A Washington Post story of more Supreme Court potential nominees. LINK.

The token "Supreme Court announcement is nigh" story. NY Times LINK.


"Speaking on the grandest stage of the nation's largest Hispanic civil rights organization yesterday in Philadelphia, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) made no mention of presidential ambitions, but many said her message and delivery had the aura of a campaign speech." Today's Washington Post LINK.

Another policy-centric story from this conference and speech with Hillary Clinton in the lede. Washington Post LINK.

Hillary's bona fides on defense in today's USA Today. LINK.

London bombings

Two-Thirds of Britons believe there is some link between the British involvement in the invasion of Iraq and the bombings, according to this recent poll. Guardian LINK.

Tony Blair will meet with Muslim leaders today to ask for help in limiting Muslim militants. Guardian LINK.

A report in June said there was no group in Britain capable of launching a strike like the one that was launced in July. NY Times LINK.

Southeast Asia vulnerable to copycat attacks replicating the London bombings. Reuters LINK.

More Links

RNC raised over $59 million in first half of the year. Washington Post LINK.

Democrats have an ethics complaint about Schwarzenegger and his lucrative deals with fitness magazines. LA Times LINK.


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the british public clealy believes tony blair got his mucky fingers burnt.

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