Friday, July 15, 2005

Morning copy 7/15/2005

Super secret at-the-office post because I wanted to sleep in.

Rehnquist has left the hospital and plans to stay on the Bench for the upcoming term. There is a tradition of only one justice stepping down, per term, to maintain continutity. But, he will be stepping down relatively soon, that is a certainty. WPost LINK.

Substantial critique on interrogation policies in today's Post, coming from JAGs: "At a Senate hearing yesterday, the judge advocate generals (JAGs) for the Army, Air Force and Marines said they expressed their concerns as the policy was being hashed out at the Pentagon in March and April 2003." WPost LINK.

Two Roves diverged in the woods...

ABC's The Note, which routinely out performs this blog, had this excellent excerpt from yesterday's Post: "Several people familiar with the investigation said they expect Fitzgerald to indict, or at least force a plea agreement with, at least one individual for leaking Plame's name to conservative columnist Robert D. Novak in July 2003." WPost LINK.

Joseph Wilson, husband of Valerie Plame, calls for Rove's dismissal. AP/ABC News LINK.

London bombings

An Egyptian chemist is sought in connection to the terrorist act. Egypt has detained him, possibly. LINK.

And now I start work.


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