Saturday, March 13, 2010

A rant upon so brief a presidency

If Obama passes this health care bill, that he began serious involvement in after a year of debate, he'll be a moderately insignificant two term president, maybe. At best...

If it fails, we'll elect a Martian, or a Panther, or Ray Lewis. Or a former governor of Alaska -- worst case.

But, this has been a presidency without thought. It has been based solely on the appearance of thought. On sounding intelligent, but generating nothing interesting. -- Like a blog!!

Goodwin wrote a book on Seward and the like, the ilk, and Obama stumbled toward a Clinton, and her husband's entire ill-fated economic team. A "team of rivals", cobbled from the old administration. Odd. Then they carried on with Dubya's economic banditry, only with closer ties to the incompetent stage coach thieves.

Very Odd.

Restored: all the old players, like a crooked banker in Monopoly. And then the posse belatedly ran at the -- of all things -- health care insurance companies... after he lost the argument. The drug companies and the medical supply companies far, far, far outstrip the insurance companies in profits and profit margins. But, in a sort of late in the game "yeah whatever" he goes for the financial health care sector (insurance) when he had their banking compatriots by the throat a year ago. The real profiteering, pirate, villains were there. He let them pass. Now he's going for the mediocre profit-margin insurance companies of health care. AIG collapsed. Harvard Pilgrim is OK. But, here he is... Torch and pitch fork in hand.

So these are the villains, which they are not. The greater evils will chuckle along and this will... probably... fail.

So the dream dies, in the first year. In the first year. An epic immolation. And this failed presidency shall be worthless. For quite some time. He got behind his own 8 Ball. At best, he will be known for continuing the decent ideas of Robert Gates. A placeholder in history, and capable of so much more.

It's a shame. So much ambition, it seemed, was so much fluff. Marc Antony pined for his dead chief, and said that his generosity showed that ambition should have been more tough. This time, we should wish for a sterner corpse more worthy of the fuss.


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