Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rosetta Stone language software for free

Before I qualified for language training with the Army, I purchased set 1 and 2 of Rosetta Stone's language course in Arabic. The cost was just under $330. The program is one of the best ways to learn a language, though there is a serious time commitment required for success. This program has allowed me to learn some vocabulary and also grammatical rules.

If you are in the Army, you can use about 30 different Rosetta Stone courses for free. It is on the Army Knowledge Online website, under "Self Service". Select "My Education" and then click on "eLearning" on that page. There are other languages, including Farsi, Pashtu, Spanish, etc.

I'm selling my copy of Rosetta Stone on eBay. The level of interest is very high -- in one day 17 people have added this acution to their watch list. I have also received two messages, and this is why I am posting this on my blog. The first was from a Specialist in Baghdad that wanted to know how to get the software on AKO. The second was a woman who has a boyfriend in USAF deployed in Iraq. I am not sure if the USAF has this software available. My friend in USMC has tried to find it, but he's not had a great deal of luck.

My hope is that any soldier who is searching the web for this software will find this post and go to AKO. Please spread the word! I know how thin language training is right now. If anyone in the other branches knows where to find these programs, please send me a message.

Rosetta Stone and the Army have a website here.


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