Sunday, August 14, 2005

Morning copy


This war is poorly conducted and not going well. BUT, before you read the news (some of it bad) you could send a note to the troops and say that you support them, LINK.

I had a hard time coming up with words, but motor through it.

Now, the news:

Optimism from the boots-on-the-ground US Ambassador about the Iraqi constitution deadline, USA Today LINK.

Sunnis threaten to bolt if Federalism is included in the constitution, LA Times. Excerpt:

"If we are pushed in this direction, then the country will continue in the situation it is in now — no stability and no security," Salih Mutlaq said in an interview broadcast on the Al Arabiya news channel.

"We are saying if federalism is going to be approved now, it will mean the destruction of Iraq."


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