Monday, July 25, 2005

Morning copy 7/25/2005


A fifth bomber may have lost his nerve on Thursday. London Times LINK. More armed police will be out on the streets of London, and shoot-to-kill rules of engagement remain in force, despite death of innocent man. Times Online LINK. More on the tragic death of that young man. Guardian LINK.

More: "But he admitted more people could die at the hands of police marksmen in the escalating battle against terrorism. Openly discussing the shift in police tactics for the first time, Sir Ian defended the policy of "shoot to kill in order to protect", saying it was necessary to shoot suspects in the head if it was feared they might trigger devices on their body." Guardian LINK.

Poland expected to withdraw conventional military by January. al Jazeera LINK.

Nut graf: "The continued shooting of civilians is fueling a growing dislike of the United States and undermining efforts to convince the public that American soldiers are here to help. The victims have included doctors, journalists, a professor — the kind of people the U.S. is counting on to help build an open and democratic society." LA Times LINK.

Jihad suicide culture. "What concerns counterterrorism experts is that tactics that once prompted fierce ideological debates within radical circles - suicide and attacks on civilians are both classically defined in Islam as sins - are now more likely to be embraced by young men." CS Monitor LINK.

Vicious battle between Russia and Muslim extremists continues, 80th explosion of the year. CS Monitor LINK.

Homegrown terrorism a worry amoung US Muslims. "Since the July 7 London bombings that killed 56 ... and Thursday's similar but less damaging attacks, Muslim leaders said they would focus directly on their own young people and why a small minority may be attracted to a virulent interpretation of their faith that has abetted terrorism." LA Times LINK.

Centrist Democrats say the US Army should expand by 100,000. Remarks are an effort to boost confidence in Democrats for security. LINK.

In an operational sense, that would mean 33,000 additional troops capable of deploying to Iraq.

US tactic in Afghanistan is to employ the poor aggressively, to keep them from joining al Qaeda or the Taliban. LINK.

The Sunni boycott of the Iraqi constitution is over. The boycott had begun in response to the assasination of one member of the Sunni delegation. BBC News LINK.

Egypt continues crackdown after resort bombings. AFP LINK.

Major upsurge in Darfur violence. BBC News LINK.

Roberts' nomination

White House will withhold what it deems to be "internal documents" written by Roberts in prior Republican administrations. LA Times LINK. AP?Washington post account, LINK. story says a clash is likely over these documents. LINK.

LA Times news/bio on Roberts: "Opportunity is important. Chance is important," said Rep. John Barrow (D-Ga.), a classmate of Roberts at Harvard Law School. "But opportunity and chance also favor the prepared mind. And he's clearly the kind of person who was prepared to serve." LINK.

Ex-Senator and current Law and Order actor Fred Thompson is Roberts' advisor. LA Times LINK.

Hillary and the Democrats.

Clinton seeks to cement her ties to moderates, LINK, while Bloomberg News reports that some Democrats are dusting off the 1992/1996 play book to counter GOP success. LINK.

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Substantial split in labor (NY Times LINK):

CHICAGO, July 24 - Leaders of four of the country's largest labor unions announced on Sunday that they would boycott this week's A.F.L.-C.I.O. convention, and officials from two of those unions, the service employees and the Teamsters, said the action was a prelude to their full withdrawal from the federation on Monday.

The schism is the biggest rift in labor since the 1930's, when the Congress of Industrial Organizations, which was trying to unionize mass production workers in automobiles, steel and other industries, split off from the American Federation of Labor, which largely represented elite craft workers. This week's labor convention here was supposed to be a celebratory occasion marking the 50th anniversary of the merger.

How the prosperity of Greenspan's era has changed American financial planning. LINK.

"Recovering politician" Al Gore tries to launch a network. NY Times LINK.

Comparing Costco's business model to Wal Mart. NY Times LINK.

Economic nationalists coping with globalization. LA Times LINK.

Schwarzenegger backs off special election, adding to his problematic term. SF Gate LINK.

American Airlines' restoration used empolyee expertise. CS Monitor LINK.

Marshall Mathers may drop the monicker "Eminem" Detroit Free Press LINK.

"I was actually pretty shocked when no one picked up on the concept," said manager Rosenberg.

Maybe the audience was still too noisy to notice. "Encore," his first solo effort in more than two years, was the most anticipated album of the season, generating wall-to-wall hype on its way to the obligatory critical kudos and No. 1 debut. Eight months later, sales are nearing 5 million.

The new concert video, with its metaphoric killing of Eminem, merely extends a concept already sketched by Mathers.

Buried in the "Encore" album notes is a line that reads, "To my fans ... I'm sorry," adjacent to an image of a bullet. On the album-ending "Encore/Curtains Down," he delivers his closing stanza accompanied by the sound of gunfire: "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming out -- peace! / Oh ... I almost forgot / You're comin' with me / Ha ha! Bye bye!"


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i would be happy if the military would cut it out with the whole "shooting mortar rounds into reporters' hotels" thing. i can settle for the random shootings.

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