Monday, August 15, 2005

Morning copy 8/15/2005

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There is nothing as gratifying as writing a post for 2 hours before you go to work and somehow Blogger loses it.

Depending on who you read, and who they are quoting, the Iraqi constitution will come in at the last minute, 10 a.m. EST Forgive the lack of links, it will all be irrelevant and old news in two hours. CNN had President Talabani's son say that the draft may be 72 hours late, which would not work in the current government. If the draft is not presented by 10 a.m. EST, 6 p.m. local, the government dissolves into a caretaker government until a new constitutional process can begin with new elections. The NY Times reports that Kurds and Shiites may present the draft without Sunni support. The Sunnis steadfastly refuse federalism, at least for the Shia.

Iran's president announces a potential cabinet that includes a number of conservatives and hard liners, NY Times LINK.

An evangelical rally against judicial activism had Tom DeLay and this wonderful paragraph in the Houston Chronicle, LINK. Excerpt:

To occasional shouts of "Amen!" from the audience, DeLay said arguments for same-sex marriage, for instance, have no basis in the Constitution and represent "the frustrated imagination of an out-of-touch political movement whose world view the American people simply will not endorse."

The last thing I can post before work.

Newt Gingrich detailed his plan for a sustained Republican majority, Washington Post LINK, Excerpt:

"Speed, cleverness and shallowness are advantages for the Left," Gingrich, who stayed around to field a flurry of admiring questions, asserted on page 58 of his presentation. "They dominate the elite news media so they will always be able to launch new attacks, have their allies in the bureaucracy create new leaks and focus on analysis that hides their values." He added, "Our core pattern should be 'there is a BIG difference and it is a fact. . . .' We must then take such key facts to immediately illustrate a large vision; we cannot remain in arguments at the detail level."


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