Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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Why no Morning Copy? I was too tired. I may need to invest in a coffee-maker/alarm clock. Any suggestions?

Marines in Iraq.

I am ashamed that I can only post this article at 7 p.m., when it has been available all day. The Lede doesn't even begin to hit this issue as hard as it needs to be hit. Heck, these two grafs don't either.But the report says that about a quarter of the Second Marine Expeditionary Force's Humvees lack sufficient armor to protect troops against roadside bombings, including 1,000 vehicles that have yet to be fitted with armor plates to protect the undercarriage.

The report also says that if the current demands in Iraq continue, the Corps will need another 650 Humvees, which have been logging an average of 480 miles a month, mostly over rough terrain. And despite an agreement with the Army to repair broken vehicles at a maintenance facility in Kuwait, the Marine Corps had not scheduled any repairs as of last month.

That is the state of affairs? And people are meddling about John Bolton? As long as the Bush administration doesn't level with America; as long as the media fails to cover this war to the extent it deserves, then we will be in trouble. Folks, if you see tomorrow night's "For Further Review" then you are correct.

Tom Cruise
The lede from this review of War of the Worlds in June 27th's Newsweek: June 27 issue - When you're making a $135 million movie about aliens invading Earth, it's good to have some rules. So in 2003, while Steven Spielberg was shooting "The Terminal" in Montreal, screenwriter David Koepp flew north with a list of cliches that he believed "War of the Worlds" had to avoid. "Here are the things we could not have in this movie," Koepp says. "One: no destruction of famous landmarks. Two: no unnecessary beating up of New York City. Three: no politicians or scientists or generals as main characters. Four: no shots of military leaders pushing ships around on a big map with sticks. And five: no shots of world capitals." If they'd been able to peek into the future, they might have added six: no star who's going to have a Howard Dean moment on "Oprah," and turn prerelease publicity into a referendum on his love life.


Anonymous lt. col. frank slade said...

in the 3rd graf, it says spielberg would have been ok with pushing ships around on a big map only in the event that indy and henry jones happen to walk in on it through the secret door/fireplace on the wall.
"Our situation is intolerable!!!" scottish men fleeing the alien invasion screamed.

10:16 PM  
Blogger rob said...

I think your alternative media outlet needs an alternative opinion. By which I mean an opinion of someone not spawned in a liberal cocoon.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous lt. col. frank slade said...

you're right, rob. the aliens came to earth in this movie to "liberate" the earthlings. freedom is on the march.

11:21 PM  
Blogger rob said...

Do the earthlings now have an elected government, the foundation of a fair judicial system, their own police force? Are the only people violently resisting the aliens a bunch of foreigners who look to fight the aliens on any planet in which they exist? And are their aliens back home making crude and inapplicable metaphors in analogies because they have no facts to prove any of their flimsy arguments?

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't come to Edit Copy to read stories about Tom Cruise!

12:07 PM  

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