Monday, June 20, 2005

Morning copy

CIA Director Porter Goss has an "excellent" idea where Osama bin Laden is, according to June 27th's Time Magazine. He states that respect for a nation's sovereignty prevents bin Laden's capture.

Richard W. Stevenson of the New York Times raises the spectre of 'lame duck'.

Richard A. Clarke, in the Times' Sunday Magazine, reads the tea leaves from American Generals. He says the year 2012 and Iraq in the same sentence.

The Economist's June 17th reporting on OPEC's production increase. They are not overly impressed. Monday looks to begin with crude oil on investor's minds. In the Asian markets today, Crude oil hit $59.18. How heavily will this weigh on the markets?

Did President Bush help the hard-liners in Iran? Is anyone in Iran not a hard-liner?

Patrick Henry College trains young republicans. No word on how good their parties are.

The strangest sporting event of the week, and a major set back for F1 in America.


Anonymous Fopsie Davis said...

I watched in disbelief as only six cars running Bridgestone tires rolled off to start the Grand Prix at Indianapolis Sunday. I was in a Firestone dealership, coincidentally, because the night before one of my tires had blown up, and I had to buy a new set. My old ones weren't Michelins.

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't Porter Goss look like he's straight out of central casting for a CIA director? George Hamilton, the erally tan guy, would make a great secretary of HUD.

11:40 AM  

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