Monday, June 20, 2005

Follow ups

This is not a follow up, but it should be noted. John Bolton's nomination for US Ambassador to the UN has been put on hold once again. CNN: "Democrats said they will continue to block Bolton's nomination until the White House produces records of communications intercepts he sought from the National Security Agency."

Bush's summer slump in the upcoming Newsweek, June 27th edition.

Some news from F1's crazy weekend at Indy. Were the drivers and teams responsible? Of course not...

Someone made a great point: Porter Goss looks like an actor playing the DCI. His name also has a Tom Clancy ring to it.

Introducing Porter Goss as Porter Goss


Anonymous Lt. Col. Frank Slade said...

For the record, I was also Anonymous -- the mystery poster, not the author.

Goss' bio says he is the second former member of Congress to serve as DCI. Name the first without the use of Google.

10:02 PM  

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