Friday, October 06, 2006

"I wouldn't take off the table any option at this time."

Pay close attention to Senator Warner, a Republican from Virginia, in the coming months. The senator has already created some waves by addressing either a pull-out (Army Times) or additional legislation if the situation in Iraq were to escalate to a civil war. George Will recently wrote a column on Warner's military experience and his stark assessments on Iraq.

Warner has just grown more stark.

The Washington Post:
The Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday offered a stark assessment of the situation in Iraq after a trip there this week, saying that parts of the country have taken "steps backwards" and that the United States is at risk of losing the campaign to control an increasingly violent Baghdad.

Sen. John W. Warner (Va.) told reporters on Capitol Hill that the Iraqi government is having trouble making strides and is incapable of providing even basic human necessities to people in certain areas of the country. Though Warner praised U.S. efforts to keep Iraq under control, he was far less optimistic about the situation there than he had been over the past three years.

Echoing the sentiments of several leading Democrats on his committee, Warner said he believes the United States may have to reevaluate its approach in Iraq if the situation does not improve dramatically over the next several months.

"I assure you, in two or three months, if this thing hasn't come to fruition and if this level of violence is not under control and this government able to function, I think it's a responsibility of our government internally to determine: Is there a change of course that we should take?" Warner said. "And I wouldn't take off the table any option at this time."


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