Monday, July 10, 2006

More Brits to Afghanistan

This seems like the dawn of the next phase of the long war. Here's my rough draft list (these are somewhat arbitrary phases):
1. Pre-9/11.

2. 9/11 and the response in Afghanistan, Iraq.

3. The rise of an Iraqi insurgency, augmented by al Qaeda directly or indirectly depending on the factions.

4. Gradual Western disengagement in Iraq. Increased violence in Afghanistan
The Guardian:
Nearly 900 extra military personnel will be deployed to Afghanistan in the wake of the deaths of six British soldiers in the past month, the government announced today.

It will increase the size of the UK taskforce in the southern Helmand province to around 4,500 by October, from the current level of 3,600.

Additional support helicopters - probably Chinooks and Lynxs - will also be made available, the defence secretary, Des Browne, told MPs in an emergency statement on the state of Afghanistan.


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