Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Yorkers

When I read about these NYC soldiers and Marines -- the ones that enlisted, re-enlisted or went to OCS after 9/11 -- I am awestruck.
RAMADI, Iraq(June 28, 2006) -- New York City Police Department Detective Evan L. Schwerner had nearly 21 years off active duty in the Marine Corps when in the four-year wake of Sept. 11, 2001, he decided he could better serve his family and country in the global war on terror as a Marine in Iraq.

Cpl. Schwerner joined the Marine Corps Reserve in May 2005 as a hazardous material and waste Marine then volunteered to deploy with the 3rd Civil Affairs Group. He was subsequently assigned to the CAG’s Detachment 4, currently based at the Provincial Civil Military Operations Center and Government Center in Ramadi, Iraq.

Known to other CAG Marines as “Pappy,” the 43-year-old civil affairs noncommissioned officer’s duties as part of the detachment’s force protection team include searching visitors at the entry control point who conduct business at the PCMOC and providing escort security for the detachment commanding officer, Col. Frank Corte.

“It’s our job to ensure the safety of detachment personnel and all Iraqis who visit the PCMOC,” said the Shrub Oak, New York, native.


Blogger Ezzie said...

Where ya been!?

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Thanks for asking. Blogging just isn't on the priority list now. I'm sure I'll be back later in the month. But, there's been some vacations, travel, busy at work. Personal stuff.

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