Thursday, May 11, 2006

Leonard Boswell D., Iowa

General Clark has just sent an email to his PAC mailing list requesting donations for Leonard Boswell.

The Des Moines Registar (5/06/2006) has a recent story on another intelligence leak:
An unhappy Rep. Leonard Boswell said he has been the target of a "purposeful and illegal leak" of top-secret information by U.S. House Republicans.

The leak came when an anonymous source told the Washington Post that the Des Moines Democrat, who is a member of the intelligence committee, was absent from a closed committee briefing. The disclosure brought accusations from Republicans that Boswell misses meetings that are vital to national security.

Boswell, in an interview with The Des Moines Register, also said the leaked item, published on May 1, was designed to punish him for seeking more information on Iran's capability to manufacture weapons of mass destruction.

"I just think the work of this committee should be above this raw partisanship that goes on at times," said Boswell, who is in a tough re-election fight against Republican state Sen. Jeff Lamberti. "I am just appalled by it."

Boswell said he had access to what was said at the closed briefing but he would not confirm he was there, saying that not even attendance at such meetings is supposed to be divulged. "This is a classified setting," he said.
The above Clark link is an interesting way to track his PAC's actions.


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