Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How the GOP plans to please the base

Prepare to see a lot of chest-thumping and sober recriminations of the left and moderates. Zero chance of back-firing, of course. The Boston Globe:
WASHINGTON -- Republican leaders in Congress have all but abandoned efforts to pass major policy initiatives this year, and are instead focusing their energies on a series of conservative favorites that they hope will rally loyal voters in November's congressional elections.

The House and Senate agendas are packed with bills that, even supporters concede, have no chance of passing but that social and fiscal conservatives clamor for, like constitutional amendments banning flag-burning and gay marriage. By bringing them up, Republicans hope to inspire a constituency that has fractured in its support for President Bush and the party. They also hope to cast Democrats as obstructionists by drawing their plentiful ''no" votes.


Blogger zen said...

This reeks of desperation.
It was interesting to see the backlash against Frist's proposal to give $100 gas rebates viewed as an attempt to buy-off support. I somehow doubt that this transparent plan will be viewed any differently.
But alas I am not surprised by many Republican motives.

5:07 PM  

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