Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bush's first veto?

The president has been pushed into a corner by fiscal conservatives to veto the next war appropriations bill if it contains too much pork. There have been two Senate votes today that seem to force the issue.

Will Bush veto a bill that would continue funding his war, and numerous pork projects?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate voted Wednesday to divert some of the money President Bush requested for the war in Iraq to instead increase patrols against illegal immigrants on the nation's borders and provide the Coast Guard with new boats and helicopters.

An amendment cutting Bush's Iraq request by $1.9 billion to pay for new aircraft, patrol boats and other vehicles, as well as border checkpoints and a fence along the Mexico border crossing near San Diego widely used by illegal immigrants was adopted on 59-39 vote.

Later, the Senate voted by a veto-proof 72-26 margin to kill an attempt by conservatives to cut the overall bill back to Bush's request -- just a day after the White House issued a toughly worded promise to veto the $106.5 billion bill unless it is cut back to below $95 billion.


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