Monday, April 24, 2006

News roundup (domestic)

Blogger continues to vex... Anyone else having problems?

Here is a handful of stories I found interesting today.

The USA Today:
WASHINGTON — The White House and Senate Republican leaders are gearing up to oppose a $106.5 billion spending bill for the war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina this week because some lawmakers have added unrelated aid for farmers and fisheries, highways and ports.

The unusual battle pits President Bush and Republican leaders concerned about rising federal budget deficits against members of the Senate Appropriations Committee who have attached dozens of items sought by individual lawmakers. Even more new spending will be sought by senators during the weeklong debate. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., wants to add veterans health care; Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., wants to add border security.
Bloomberg News: "Bush Faces Dissent From Republicans on Climate Change"

The Washington Times: "Specter suggests 'windfall' tax on oil"

Bob Novak:
This column, echoing many well-placed Republicans, was wrong in originally interpreting Bolten's shift from director of the Office of Management and Budget to chief of staff as a confirmation of Rove's dominance. Bolten, who is deceptively low-key, really appears in the mold of such powerful past Republican White House chiefs as Sherman Adams, James Baker, Donald Regan and John Sununu -- who all were intimately involved with policy.

The problem is the change in the White House probably comes 1-1/2 years too late. No matter what his desires, Bolten is no longer able to draw upon the political capital from Bush's re-election to take the initiative. Facing intransigent Democrats and uncooperative Republicans, Bush's reshaped team at best can try to minimize damage and hope for the best in the midterm elections. But at least that effort looks more realistic than it did a month ago.


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