Friday, February 10, 2006

Morning copy (hahaha)

I am writing this at 1500 EST.

The National Journal has the story of the day, with Scooter Libby linking (maybe) Dick Cheney to the CIA Leak case.

First, in the interest of fairness and because I don't like him...

The A.P.: "Democratic leader Reid aided Abramoff clients"

The New York Times: "Key Democratic and G.O.P. Senators Are in Accord on Extending Patriot Act"

The Manchester Union Leader: "McCain, Clinton top NH presidential polls"

The Washington Times: "Tensions over Russia set tone at G-8 meeting"

The Los Angeles Times: "Abramoff Says He Met Bush `Almost a Dozen' Times"

The Boston Globe: "Bush tells of a foiled plot to strike LA"

Bloomberg News: "Brown Says He Told White House's Hagin of Levee Break (Update4)"

The Baltimore Sun: "Iraq war worries hang over GOP's Eastern Shore meeting"


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