Thursday, December 22, 2005

Two fewer brigades in Iraq

This was already reported by the A.P. as a possible drawdown, but now we know the brigades are from the 1 ID and the 1st Armored. New York Times:
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld hinted Thursday that the U.S. military will soon begin reducing its troop strength in Iraq below 138,000, the level it has considered its core force in the country for most of this year.
This is, of course, interesting. In addition, my friend's USAR unit (do not know the intended deployment size) has been drawdown from Afghanistan.


Blogger zen said...

Is this because the numbers were boosted for the elections? Now they can draw back down to the core? Also I thought I heard that the Iraqi's controlled the majority of the security for the elections, and if so, why and where did the built up US troops go?
Not certain you know the answers to all this, but you seem to be in touch with reliable sources.

Anyway, a return home of anyone is good news indeed.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is rumbelly giving into the liberals? This seems like some bassizzzisitssts usually sounds off on!

The overall numbers are being reduced but areas where US forces are key are being increased. In the short term that means more troops training Iraqi forces; in the long term it probably means airpower.

8:03 AM  
Blogger copy editor said...

That drawdown is below the baseline of 138,000.

9:32 AM  
Blogger zen said...

MSNBC reports the following:
The Pentagon sent an extra 20,000 troops to Iraq to bolster security during the recent elections, and Rumsfeld has previously said those 20,000 would be withdrawn in January to return U.S. force levels to a 138,000 baseline.

The levels were inflated and are now returning to overall core numbers. That really doesn't appear to be a 'reduction' and thus the 'progress' that the Pentagon and Admin want to portray.

Meanwhile according to this report, the outlook is dim on the reliability of the 'trainied' Iraqi forces. So if the Iraqi's are this weak and unready for taking the lead, what would be the motivation to reduce US troop levels below the 'core?'
Akid, who would only give his first name for fear of reprisal, said his battalion of about 600 men had already suffered over 250 desertions after a Dec. 3 ambush in Adhaim killed 19 Iraqi soldiers.

"They gave up," he said.

12:12 PM  
Blogger copy editor said...

Thanks, zen.

I've read that this two brigade drawdown will bring the number to 130,000. These are, by reports, two brigades intended to maintain the force level at 138,000 and have been recalled from deployment.

12:16 PM  
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