Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What Virginia's vote really means (Maybe)

From Ronald Brownstein in the Los Angeles Times:

Steve Jarding, an advisor to Warner, said Kaine's strong showing suggested that Democrats could overcome Republican cultural appeals in those exurban counties with more focused attention to bread-and-butter concerns.

"These people aren't looking for polarizing issues; they are looking for someone who is going to shoot straight and tell them how I'm going to better life for you and your kids," Jarding said.

And from the Note:

— the Democratic victory lap that starts today will jazz up their donors and help candidate recruitment

One more Alito comment

Also from the Note:

The guy has come out for the right to privacy; he has spoken lovingly about precedent (even in cases that are wrongly decided); he has no track record of speaking out or writing about Roe; and liberal law clerks and colleagues love him. Meanwhile, the pro-abortion rights groups hate him, and the right-to-life movement embraces him with out reservation.

?????!!!????, we say.


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