Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election results (Virginia)


The AP calls the election for Tim Kaine, Democrat for Governor, in Virginia. See the first two grafs later in this update.

88.75% Reported

Kaine (Dem): 879,658 votes (51.34%)
Kilgore (GOP): 794,958 votes (46.40%)

Nov 8, 2005 — Democrat Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine won the Virginia governor's race Tuesday, soundly defeating Republican Jerry Kilgore in a contest for a GOP-leaning state that was closely watched by political analysts for signs of the public's mood ahead of next year's midterm elections.

In New Jersey, Democratic Sen. Jon Corzine opened up a strong lead against Republican Doug Forrester with a third of precincts counted.



78.28% Reported

Kaine (Dem): 758,097 votes (50.67%)
Kilgore (GOP): 704,430 votes (47.08%)

Another note: The GOP fairs well in Lt. Gov and A.G.



72.34% Reported

Kaine: 698,494 votes (50.80%)
Kilgore: 645,610 votes (46.95%)

(Note the fact that all night it has been a 40-60K vote gap)



This may be a better link for results. The site is kinda' changing in the middle of the process.

63.48 % reporting

Kaine (Dem): 624,912 votes (51.15%)
Kilgore (GOP): 569,051 votes (46.58%)

Richmond city is in at 56.72% of all precincts. Precincts Reporting: 38 of 67.

Richmond city is going heavily to Kaine: 74.05 %

Richmond county (Bush's target audience last night) is ALL IN: 58.83% for Kilgore. Turnout (this is interesting) 46.45 %



Now it is 55 percent reporting and Kaine has about 50,000 votes worth of a lead. Richmond has not reported a single precinct. That is where Bush showed up last night. That is a strong GOP area. This will be a close one.


The BIG election (maybe) tonight is the one in Virginia. That's the one where George W. Bush made a late entry on the eve of election night. That's the one in a right leaning state. That's the one that could go Blue and make all the MSM analysts go crazy. Those analysts, in that hypothetical, may be right or may be wrong.

If you like watching semi-interesting, semi-understandable recaps of what just happened in baseball games on ESPN.com, you may enjoy watching Virginia's election results in near-real time.

(The page may time out. You will need to click on my link again if it does.)

As for results at 2000 EST: 30 percent of precincts have reported.

Kaine (Democrat) ahead versus Kilgore (Republican): 52 to 45 (percents)

So much depends on which precincts have reported...


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This is one election the Holy Spirit did not give us the result of in advance. Although Cain did slay Abel.

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Blogger copy editor said...

has the Holy Spirit ever revealed an election?

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