Thursday, November 17, 2005

GOP House leaders defeated on budget measure

The term "rudderless" may find itself in more use as GOP leadership fights against liberal party members in the House. The Washington Times this morning had GOP leaders saying the battle with liberal/moderates was about party direction, in particular with 2006 on the radar screen.

The GOP's direction, CNN:

The 224-209 vote against the $142.5 billion spending bill disrupted plans by Republican leaders to finish up work on this year's spending bills and cast doubt on whether they would have the votes to pass a major budget-cutting bill also on the day's agenda.

Democrats, unanimous in opposing the legislation, said it included the first cut in education funding in a decade and slashed funds for several health care programs.

What happened to GOP unity? The cracks have been evident in the past with the highway bill. The GOP intelligentsia, like George, Will has sounded alarms. How much of the breakup in party loyalty derives from:

A. Tom "The Hammer" DeLay's indictment
B. George W. Bush's trouble
C. Karl Rove with B.
D. Local concerns of Blue/Red district Reps


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