Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bob Woodward

Let's be honest, television images from mid-afternoon on the other side of the globe look really odd at 8:00 a.m. The picture is kinda' grainy. There is probably a chyron in another language.

"The bubble" is in Asia, and the newest burst in the CIA/Fitzgerald/Plame scandal is Bob Woodward's testimony.

Howie Kurtz has the reliable recap about Woodward's apology today:

"I apologized because I should have told him about this much sooner," Woodward said in an interview. "I explained in detail that I was trying to protect my sources. That's Job No. 1 in a case like this.

Why this matters, according to Kurtz:

The abrupt revelation that Woodward has been sitting on information about the Plame controversy has reignited questions about his unique relationship with The Post while writing books with unparalleled access to high-level officials, and about why Woodward minimized the importance of the Fitzgerald probe in television and radio interviews while hiding his own involvement in the matter.

How this will play out? Who told Woodward? Why is Fitzgerald interested in this and now? How did Fitzgerald find out?

We are drifting back to the questions-unanswered area. The bubble did not do well last time.


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