Monday, October 31, 2005

The two big blog stories for the next few days.


In this era of soundbits and blogging, this moniker is going to get a lot of ink, well, bytes.

Crooks and Liars has some of the early sourcing for bloggers and politicos to pour over:

The Moderate Voice has one. PFAW has a fact sheet. Think Progress has some notes. Acsblog has some information. Duncan is all over the nomination. Jeff Goldstein on the right defends Alito. Nobody cares what Hugh Hewitt thinks and the information will be pouring in all day.

Cheney's office

The National Journal notes that the likely successor to "Scooter" Libby was not uninvolved in the CIA Leak escapade:

Moreover, as a pivotal member of the vice president's office, Addington also attended strategy sessions in 2003 on how to discredit Wilson when the former ambassador publicly charged that the Bush administration misled the country in pushing its case for war, according to attorneys in the CIA leak probe.

Further, Addington played a leading role in 2004 on behalf of the Bush administration when it refused to give the Senate Intelligence Committee documents from Libby's office on the alleged misuse of intelligence information regarding Iraq. Because Addington may be in line to succeed Libby, the Intelligence Committee-White House battle over the documents has sparked new interest on Capitol Hill.

The Journal also advances their crucial story on Cheney's office withholding some documents from the Senate Intelligence committee.


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