Monday, October 31, 2005

SCOTUS nominee Alito.

The Note does not esteem the Democrats well:

Democrats/liberals: will be divided, with some saying "wait and see" for real, some saying "wait and see" as a strategy, some saying "we have reservations," some saying "oppose," and some saying "filibuster"; by the time the liberal groups are done with their research (yes, amazingly, even regarding someone who should be totally oppo vetted, we predict they have work to do on Alito), the right will be completely united and geared up; only a minority of the minority "learned" the lesson from the Roberts experience that if you don't oppose immediately, you get overwhelmed; if there is an up-or-down vote, we predict at least one "Nelson" will vote "yes" and maybe more.

The Note also says that the opposition does not have all their homework done on Scalito. That is pretty pathetic, if true.

Reax coming in already:

Planned Parenthood opposes the nomination and Family Research Council is supportive, only helping the news media narrative of a battle royale, which we still believe will be relentlessly overstated by the media. Our guess: the country ain't in the mood for a big fight, and the left is too disorganized and divided to mount one effectively.

Sam Brownback is already heaping praise, as is Bill Kristol, so this nomination is already off to a better start than Miers.

Majority Leader Sen. Frist (R-TN) will greet Judge Alito at 9:30 am ET at the Senate. In a heart-felt and Deaveresque move, the pair will then view the casket of Rosa Parks in the Rotunda.

Sens. Frist and McConnell will have a 10:15 am ET photo opportunity with the nominee.

Senators Schumer (11 am ET) and Specter (11:45 am ET) are expected in the Senate Radio-TV Gallery to tell the world what they think.

Samuel Alito, sans quotation marks because of his middle initial, garners more than 2500 blog entries at 1100 EST. Scalito garners 655 entries.

A few bloggers have taken "Harriet's" witty effort to heart. The Right Honorable. News and Views. And nothing in particular.


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