Thursday, October 27, 2005

How to take back the news cycle, by Harriet Miers

Statement by the president.

Letter by Miers.

Fred Barbash in the Washington Post:

In announcing the decision, Miers and President Bush cited their concern with the requests of members of the Senate Judiciary Committee for documents dealing with her work as White House Counsel that the administration has chosen to withhold as privileged.

But the Miers nomination to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was in deep trouble, with little support in the Senate, open criticism from many Senators of both parties, and an outpouring of opposition from conservative activists and intellectuals.

Miers told the president in a letter of withdrawal that she was "concerned that the confirmation process presents a burden for the White House and our staff that is not in the best interests of the country."

The truth is this was a profound miscalculation by the president -- and a stern warning to anyone with '08 ambitions an an inclination to hoodwink their GOP bases, both of them.

Miers' withdrawal should have been conducted earlier, from the president's perspective, because the longer it takes to get a nominee in O'Connor's seat the more time Sandra Day has to adjudicate.

Nothing from David Frum, yet.


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