Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Guardian reporter abducted in Iraq

Rory Carroll, who has recently filed stories in Baghdad and Fallujah, has been abducted.

The Guardian's report on the uncertain fate of their own:

The Guardian's Iraq correspondent, Rory Carroll, was last night missing after being kidnapped by gunmen in Baghdad. Carroll, 33, an experienced foreign correspondent, had been conducting an interview in the city with a victim of Saddam Hussein's regime. He had been preparing an article for today's paper on the opening of the former dictator's trial yesterday.

There may be a hint of a motive in that lede, but that is pure speculation.

Apparently Carroll's most recent story was from 10.19 and concerned Saddam's trial as well.

Carroll also reported on tensions between Britons and Iraqi police in Basra more than a week ago. Excerpt:

British officials would not confirm reports that the raid used armoured vehicles and focused on members of the internal affairs unit at the Jameat station, one of several Basra police units said to owe loyalty to Shia militias rather than the government in Baghdad.


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