Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Miers throws an incomplete

I'm starting to get really anti-Miers.

The Washington Post Supreme Court Blog has an excerpt from Senators Leahy and Specter's joint press conference.

Q Senator Leahy, are you insulted personally by her lack of responsiveness?

SEN. LEAHY: I have seen an incomplete questionnaire. We’ve sent out -- I thought -- a very good questionnaire. I was satisfied with the questionnaire that went out. Democrats and Republicans on the committee -- and you know this is a committee that goes across the political spectrum -- were satisfied with it. I don’t know of anybody who would tell you in that committee, that they were satisfied with the responses. So I would describe myself as unsatisfied, and I have to be satisfied before I’ll vote for anybody, Republican or Democrat.


SEN. SPECTER: -- and from the balance of her answers, they’re incomplete. We want to be sure that question is not incompletely responded to.

UPDATE: 1730 Eastern

CNN's account.

"The comments I have heard range from incomplete to insulting," Leahy said.

"Senator Leahy and I took a look at it and agreed that it was insufficient," Specter said.


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