Friday, September 02, 2005

"This is not the time for poltics"

So says Scott "Credibility" McLellan. Bullshit.

FEMA is a government agency, and the Department of Homeland Security was the biggest government overhaul since the creation of the Department of Defense. Both overhauls were conducted based on legislation and enacted by the Chief Executive, all of those actors were elected. I thought I'd just make that last point real plan.

Let's have some Friday fun, shall we...

George W. Bush is the most important man and is in the paramount positon of authority in the United States government, his office reigns over defense, homeland security and FEMA.

1. FEMA, Homeland Security and DOD dropped the ball, causing excess casualties and unquantifiable human suffering.
2. FEMA, Homeland Security and DOD are controlled by the cheif executive of the nation.
Thus: The chief executive of the nation controlled organizations that dropped the ball.


1. The President, in his official role, is an elected official.
2. Elected officials, in their official role, are political actors.
Thus: The President, in his official role, is a political actor.

I'm being way too political!!!1


Anonymous Atlanticus said...

When a politicians says "This is not the time for poltics," it usually means that he messed up and ran out of arguments and spin to defend himself.

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Blogger copy editor said...


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