Thursday, September 01, 2005

We are great at war, but people are dying at the convention center

The United States can land Special Forces in the western area of Iraq to search for squads and prepare for war, but they can't put any helicopters at the convention center with first aide kits, water, troops and a ticket out for the sick and dying?

CNN at the convention center.

The Convention Center is a place that people were told to go to because it would be safe. In fact, it is a scene of anarchy.

There is absolutely nobody in control. There is no National Guard, no police, no information to be had.


Probably the most disturbing thing is that people at the Convention Center are starting to pass away and there is simply nothing to do with their bodies. There is nowhere to put them. There is no one who can do anything with them. This is making everybody very, very upset.


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