Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More on the Iraq Study Group

I have yet to read the full report. But, the New York Times pulls out some key recommendations and then juxtaposes those with comments from the administration and other foreign policy experts.

The Council on Foreign Relations has a summary as well:
Kalev Sepp, an assistant professor at the Naval Postgraduate School and adviser to the Iraq Study Group, tells in this podcast that it will be difficult for the White House not to adopt the commission’s proposals because the panel carries such significant weight and represents a consensus view. “There was some very serious debate associated with reaching the final tenets of the report,” says Sepp. A new poll by shows that most Americans supported the expected recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, including its calls to engage Iran and Syria and to convene an international conference on Iraq. Bush’s nominee as defense secretary, Robert M. Gates, has also expressed openness to new options to how to solve the problems in Iraq.

The Iraq Study Group is not the only expert voice recommending a change of course in Iraq. A new report by Anthony C. Zinni, a retired U.S. general and vocal critic of the war in Iraq, advocates a temporary boost in the number of U.S. forces there.


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