Friday, October 13, 2006

A coup attempt in Pakistan

Syed Saleem Shahzad in Asia Times Online:
KARACHI - A plot to stage a coup against Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraf soon after his recent return from the US has been uncovered, resulting in the arrest of more than 40 people.

Most of those arrested are middle-ranking Pakistani Air Force officers, while civilian arrests include a son of a serving brigadier in the army. All of those arrested are Islamists, contacts in Rawalpindi, where the military is based, divulged to Asia Times Online.

The conspiracy was discovered through the naivety of an air force officer who this month used a cell phone to activate a high-tech rocket aimed at the president's residence in Rawalpindi. The rocket was recovered, and its activating mechanism revealed the officer's telephone number. His arrest led to the other arrests.

Other rockets were then recovered from various high security zones, including the headquarters of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in Islamabad.

According to Asia Times Online sources, more arrests can be expected, both military and civilian.


Blogger Publia said...

Really interesting find.

8:13 PM  
Blogger copy editor said...

Thanks. In my experience, this guy is very good. His work in Lebanon was ahead of the curve (vs. the MSM). He was reporting the dangers of Hezbollah while most media outlets in the states were talking about a quick Israeli push to the Litani river.

8:14 PM  

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