Monday, September 25, 2006

Benedict: "total and profound respect..."

A lot of the recent traffic that comes to this website arrives via search engine requests for information on the Pope's speech of September 12.

The latest from CNN:
ROME, Italy (CNN) -- Pope Benedict XVI expressed "total and profound respect for all Muslims" at a meeting Monday with ambassadors from Muslim nations and other Islamic leaders.

The meeting at the pope's summer residence, Castel Gandolfo, was called in an effort to repair relations following controversial comments he made earlier in the month.

Benedict told the envoys that "our future" depends on dialogue between Christians and Muslims.

Among about 20 ambassadors attending the meeting were representatives from Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco -- as well as members of Italy's Muslim community. Also presents were diplomats from Indonesia, where Christian-Muslim tensions were further heightened last week by the execution of three Catholic militants.

Last month, Benedict had appealed for the men's lives to be spared.

Iraq's envoy to Vatican said after Monday's meeting with Benedict that "it is now time to put what happened behind (us) and build bridges," The Associated Press reported.

"The Holy Father stated his profound respect for Islam. This is what we were expecting," said Iraqi envoy Albert Edward Ismail Yelda.
The Vatican's website has the speech available: MEETING WITH THE REPRESENTATIVES OF SCIENCE, Aula Magna of the University of Regensburg. Tuesday, 12 September 2006.

I have posted a number of times on this speech.

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Blogger Chuck said...

I think the Pope caved in. He should have stood behind what he said in his speech and challanged the Muslims to prove him wrong.

Initially when all the brouha started over the Pope's speech I and apparently a lot of others, was glad someone had finally called a spade a spade. He had taken the high ground.

Well, chalk up another win for the Islamofascists. Apparently their riots and wanton murders of innocent bystanders is OK.

4:14 PM  
Blogger copy editor said...

I don't think we will get to enjoy a real fire and brimstones condemnation from this pontiff. But, I think he's going to stick by his theological guns. Plus, his work today was very media savvy. I remain optimistic.

7:08 PM  

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